Jackie Coulson

Hatha/Vajrasati Yoga Teacher

Jackie is a full time Yoga teacher based in Brighton, UK. She is certified to teach Hatha and Vajrasati Yoga (500hr Yoga Allicance certified).

She has been enjoying teaching since 2005 and running retreats since 2010.

Her mixed style of practise allows her to teach in a variety of settings including public drop-ins, private one-to-one tuition and corporate classes.


All about Jackie and her teaching

Yoga Background

I was first introduced to yoga as a child, by my mother when I would happily play with the Asanas(poses) during my mother’s daily practise. I then found Yoga again at University and have been practising ever since. During that time I’ve been lucky enough to come across many great teachers of various disciplines, including Hatha, Vajrasati, Iyengar, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Yin-Yang, Scaravelli.

I don’t believe in one best way, but many paths that suit different people or the same person at different days/times in their lives. Much can be learnt from one Yoga style or school to inform another.

Teaching Experience

Jackie Coulson cobbler pose

I first took a teaching qualification in Hatha Yoga in India and have enjoyed continuing my studies in Brighton by taking a second, very in-depth teaching qualification in Vajrasati Yoga as well as continuing to attend various classes and workshops.

I have been teaching busy classes in Brighton and the surrounding area since 2005. During this time I have taught some children’s Yoga, mental health classes, and generally teach ages ranging from teens to those in their 70s.

I enjoyed taking longer sessions with half day workshops after my first couple of years of experience. It is so good to get the chance to go that bit deeper with my students in these longer sessions. We’re generally all surprised how quickly the time goes by! I have been teaching holidays since 2010 in Turkey, Crete, Egypt and Kerala, India. Teaching on holidays is such a wonderful experience, I feel very lucky 🙂

Jackie Coulson

Teaching yoga has always been something which seems natural to me and is greatly enjoyable. Working with people in this way has been like breathing fresh air for the first time. I feel very motivated to pass on yoga, having found it to be something extremely powerful in improving mine and other’s quality of life.

Teaching Style

I generally call my classes Hatha Yoga. This is because I like to include a traditional, well-balanced mix of Sun Salutations or other gently flowing sequences, held poses (Asana) that mix strong & restorative and some Pranayama (breath-work).

Vajrasati Yoga is not so much a specific style as an approach and dedication that you can expect from well-trained teachers. Jim Tarran has put a lot of work into making the Vajrasati training one of the most in-depth teacher trainings out there (in my humble opinion!). We intend to develop as a community of Yoga teachers who share our learning with each other to continually evolve as individuals and as a group.

The philosophy of Yoga (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras) is incorporated into Vajrasati Yoga, so that whether a class is dynamic or static, strong or gentle, with props or without props, the intention is that whichever choice is made in these is for the main purpose of bringing the student closer to absorption.

Jackie Coulson

This doesn’t mean classes can’t be fun! Fun and a sense of humour help us see life from a positive angle and forget our fears. It does mean that I won’t always be trying to give you the biggest stretch or the strongest workout (only when it feels appropriate), but you should leave class feeling grounded, more in touch with your actual current state (rather than hyped-up on adrenaline) and alongside that more comfortable in your bodies.

Classes vary from fluid and playful, to stronger and meditative. An emphasis on a connection with the breath however, is underlying in all classes. This breath connection helps bring about a deep release and the feeling of absorption which underlies the Vajrasati principles.

Yoga Teaching Qualifications:

pinch-mayurasana drawing by Jackie CoulsonVajrasati Yoga – Teacher Training (500hr)
Taught by: Jim Tarran, Brighton UK

Hatha Yoga – Teacher Training (200hr)
Taught by: Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nasik, India

Yoga for ME & Chronic Fatigue
Taught by: Fiona Agombar, Brighton UK